Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Prof. Arun K Pujari
Designation: Vice Chancellor
Email id :vc@curaj.ac.in
Prof. M.M. Salunkhe
Designation: Founder Vice Chancellor
Email id :
  Mr K V S Kameswara Rao
Designation: Registrar
Email id : registrar@curaj.ac.in



  Sh. Dinesh Kumar Aggarwal
Designation: Finance Officer
Email id : fo@curaj.ac.in
  Dr VijayaKumar M
Designation: Librarian
Email id : librarian@curaj.ac.in
Dr. Utpal Debnath
Designation: Controller of Examinations
Email id : coe@curaj.ac.in
Prof. Neeraj Gupta
Designation: Dean (Academics)
Email id : dean.academics@curaj.ac.in, osd.academics@curaj.ac.in
Prof. Muthukalingan Krishnan
Designation: Dean (Accreditation, Ranking, Collaboration and Internationalization)
Email id :
Prof. Aditya K. Gupta
Designation: Chief Vigilance Officer,Dean (Research)
Email : cvo@curaj.ac.in, akg54@curaj.ac.in
Dr.Laxmi Kant Sharma
Designation: Proctor 
Email id : proctor@curaj.ac.in
Mr. Santosh K Srivastava
Designation: Joint Registrar 
Email id : drf@curaj.ac.in, jrf@curaj.ac.in
Dr. Hari Singh Parihar
Designation: Joint Registrar (Admin)
Email id : dradmin@curaj.ac.in
Mr Sultan Singh
Designation: Executive Engineer
Email id : ee_civil@curaj.ac.in
Ms. Anuradha Mittal
Designation: Public Relations Officer
Email id : anuradha.pro@curaj.ac.in
Mr. Om Kumar Karn
Designation: Hindi Officer
Email id :hindiadhikari@curaj.ac.in


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