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The Department of Social Work established in 2012 is actively involved in academic and field-based practices. It strives to work towards inclusive and sustainable development and believes in promoting maximum human potentials, skill development, equal opportunity, justice, respect for diversity and anti-discriminatory environment within the society.



The objectives of department are as follows:

  • To impart education and training in professional social work in order to provide man-power in social welfare, development and allied fields capable of working at various levels of micro, meso and macro systems.

  • To help students develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values appropriate to the practices of social work profession.

  • To enable students to develop critical and creative thinking and ability, to apply theoretical knowledge in practice of social work.

  • To facilitate interdisciplinary approach for better understanding of social problems, and issues of development.

  • To develop skills related to research, capacity building, policy formulation and planning.

Salient Features

  • Strive to work towards creating self-determination, interdependence, respect for diversity and anti-discriminatory environment within the society.

  • Offers curriculum directed towards equipping students with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to understand human needs, potentials, resources and services to develop fully humane professionals.

  • Provides intensive con-current and block field work training to students in the areas of rural development, governance and organizational efforts.

  • Designed compulsory Rural Educational Camp of 10 days duration for students to provide exposure of rural issues and organized intervention.

  • Organized Group Conference and Skill Laboratory training/workshop to enhance the micro skill development of the students.

  • Focused on action research, innovative field action project, evidence based practice and promotion of community colleges in rural areas.


a) M.A. (Social Work) Programme: Four Semesters of two years

b) Ph.D (Social Work) Programme: Minimum Six semester & Maximum Ten semester for the submission of thesis from the date of registration.


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