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At present department offers one postgraduate programme namely M. Sc. Tech. Mathematics of Three years duration. It shall be equivalent to M.Sc. (Maths) and M.Sc. (Computer Science). The primary objective of this Programme is to train the manpower required to deal with the problems faced by software industry through knowledge of Mathematics and scientific computational techniques. The curriculum is interdisciplinary in nature and course contents provide a broad understanding of the different aspects of mathematics and computer applications. This Programme with a broad based curriculum has the following main attractive features:

·         Eight elective courses (Electives) are available to the students: 2 each in the 3rd semester and 4th semester and 4th in 5th semester. These Electives are planned in such a way that sufficient background will be provided to the inputs of the Programme to pursue a professional career or a Ph.D. degree in one of the streams mentioned above.

·         In addition to regular course work, each student takes up a six month project that will be done by the student in collaboration with industry and engineering / science departments. The aim of the projects is to impart indepth training in the analysis of problems relevant to industry.

This Program is offered, under ChoiceBased Credit System (CBCS). CBCS is a flexible system of learning. ‘Credit’ defines the quantum of contents/syllabus prescribed for a course and the number of hours of instruction required. Some of the distinguished features of CBCS are the following:


·         learn at their own pace

·        choose electives from a wide range of elective courses offered by the University Departments

·         undergo additional courses and acquire more than the required number of credits

·         adopt an interdisciplinary approach in learning

·         make best use of the expertise of available faculty.


Normally for each of the courses, credits will be assigned on the basis of the number of lectures / tutorials / laboratory work and other forms of learning required to complete the course contents in duration of about 15 weeks. For each program, one hour of instruction per week is the requirement for one credit (In other words, one credit is for about 15 hours per semester).


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