Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Digital India Initiation at CURAJ with the Motivation of MHRD:


Action Taken BY CURAJ:

     The university has been connected with 1 Gbps NKN (L3- Link) in Nov 2013 to get the internet from NIC-Jaipur.  The university is located on Jaipur - Ajmer road and is 1.5 km from National Highway (NH-8). So connectivity wise it is good. The maximum out-bandwidth in a day is 219 Mbps and In-bandwidth is 60 Mbps.

The following are digital India Initiations at CURAJ.

   We have established MHRD-IITB Remote Centre for conducting online workshops through A-View Software to adopt MOOCS Education under SWAYAM with IIT Mumbai.

IIT Mumbai MOOCS Education through Remote Centre.

a)  We have organized Computer Programming two weeks workshop for the faculty members in Rajasthan through A-View software at our RC-ID-1329 in the month of June 2014.

b)  We have organized Cyber Security two weeks workshop for faculty members in Rajasthan through A-View software in blended mode in the month July 2014.

c) We have organized Half Day workshop on Green House Building in which 85 participants have been registered in the month of Aug 2013.

NMEICT- Low Price Device Development Project Funded by MHRD.

a)     We have received 150 Aakash Tabs for developing android application.

b)    1 Lakh Aakash R & D Sever and Accesses Points to enable Clicker Application.

NMEICT - Brihasapthi-3 Learning Management System for online attendance.

a)     The university has been started using Brihasapthi-3 LMS System for online attendance as testing purpose.

b)    The faculty of CS and CSE department is monitoring the LMS Server.

National Knowledge Network at CURAJ.

  The university has appointed Dr A Nagaraju as NKN Coordinator to enhance and enrich the NKN activities in the university.

The following are the NKN initiations for effective utilization of 1Gbps NKN Link from NIC-Jaipur.

a)     The university is encouraging to attend the NKN Series of workshop to be organized by NKN-NIC to enrich the NKN applications at CURAJ.

b)    IITB Remote Centre to adopt MOOCS Education.

c)     Participation in Aakash R & D to check the performance of low cost device project.

d)    NPTEL Series of audio and video Lectures in Science and Engineering.

Hon’ble President Speech through Video Conference:

a)     We have participated in Hon’ble President New Year message through NKN on 6th Jan, 2014. (around 1000 participants participated) 


b)  We have participated in Hon’ble President message through NKN on 5th Aug, 2014. (around 1000 participants participated)


  Bandwidth Utilization Report of CURAJ from NIC – Jaiupr

The NKN Coordinator Dr A Nagaraju is interacting with NIC Technical Director for

the status of bandwidth utilization of CURAJ. The following diagram shows the

NKN Link utilization. The graphs show daily, monthly and yearly report of CURAJ

NKN Link.  The report may be useful to enhance the activities of CURAJ. 

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