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Department of Computer Science and Computer Science & Engg.

Dr. D C Sharma
Designation: Associate Professor, Dean - School of Mathematics, Statistics & Computational Sciences
Qualification: M.Sc, Ph.D.
Area of Interest Operations Research, Mathematical Programing and Machining System
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Dr. Mamta Rani
Designation: Associate Professor, CS
Qualification:MCA, Ph.D. Area_of_interest : Fractal Graphics and Chaos
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Dr. Nishtha Kesswani
Designation:Assistant Professor & Coordinator(Big Data Analytics)
Qualification: M.C.A., NET. M.Tech., Ph.D, Postdoctoral fellow: California State University, USA(2014-15)
Area of Interest: Wireless Networks
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Dr. Nagaraju  Aitha
Designation: Assistant Professor and Coordinator(CS)
Qualification: M.Sc (Maths) From Central University of Hyderabad
M.Tech ( CST ) From University of Mysore, Ph.D. (CSE) From Osmania University,
AMIE (CE) From IEINDIA Kolkata Awarded as Senior Technician.
Area_of_interest: Mobile Computing, Grid & Cloud Computing
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Gaurav Meena
Designation:Assistant Professor, CS
Qualification: M.Tech.(CSE) from NIT Jalandhar, B.E.(CSE)
Area of Interest: DBMS, Information Security and Adhoc Networks
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Ravi Raj Choudhary
Designation: : Assistant Professor, CS
Qualification:B.E.(IT), M.Tech.(CSE) from MNIT,Ph.D(Pursuing from IITJ)
Area of Interest: Algorithms, Image processing
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Sanjay Kumar Anand
Designation: : Assistant Professor, CS
Qualification: M.Sc(IT), M.Tech (IT)
Area of Interest: AI, Natural Language Processing & Soft Computing
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Dr. Krishna Kumar Mohbey
Designation: Assistant Professor, CS
Qualification: MCA, UGC-NET (JRF), GATE, Ph.D. from NIT Bhopal
Area of Interest:Data Mining, Mobile E-Commerce
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Dr. Jagadeesh Kakarla
Designation: Assistant Professor, CS
Qualification: M.Tech, Ph.D (NIT Rourkela), Post Doc (MNIT Jaipur)
Area of Interest:Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
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Dr. Chhabi Rani Panigrahi
Designation: Assistant Professor, CS
Qualification: M. Tech (CSE), PhD. (CSE) from IIT Kharagpur
Area of Interest:Program Analysis and Testing of Object-Oriented Programs, Mobile Cloud Computing
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Dr. Deepika Prakash
Designation: Assistant Professor (CS)
Qualification:: B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D
Area of Interest: Business Intelligence, Requirements Engineering, Data Warehouse Systems
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Ravi Saharan
Designation: Assistant Professor and Coordinator(CSE)
Qualification:: B.E. (CSE) with Honors, M.Tech (Computer Engineering) from MNIT
Area of Interest: Algorithms, Computer Graphics, image processing, Digital watermarking,Steganography
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Gaurav Somani
Designation: Assistant Professor, CSE
Qualification: M.Tech. (Information and Communication Technology) from DAIICT, B.E. with Honors in IT.
Area of Interest:Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, Ad hoc networks, Cloud computing, Virtualization and Open source technologies
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Dr. Muzzammil Hussain
Designation: Assistant Professor, CSE
Qualification:M.Tech(CSE), Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Network Security, Wireless Sensor Networks,  Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Cognitive Radio Networks
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Dr. Karan Verma
Designation: Assistant Professor, CSE
Qualification: : M.Tech (CSE) From IIT Roorkee, Ph.D From Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia, IETF, IEEE-ISOC
Area of Interest: Wireless Ad hoc Networks, Mobile Security, 5G, IPv6, Internet of Things (IoT), Big-Data, Cloud Computing, VANET, MANET, Internet Policy, DNS Security, Cyber Security
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