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Modern world has ushered into an era where knowledge can no longer be restrained into narrow confines or can be owned by a specific social class. The essence of humanity lies in freedom and freedom cannot be limited to an individualistic level or to a small group. It is collective in nature unless all the individuals living in a nation space regardless of class, religion, caste or creed are able to relish that freedom it remains incomplete in nature. Knowledge liberates the mind and only a society that is able to devise mediums, methods and strategies to propagate knowledge and educate its every single member can hope to provide its present and future generations an environment of growth, dignity, respect and constructive development. 

The new Central Universities in India have been established with the specific purpose of developing expertise in various areas of advanced studies. Universities in contemporary times need to realize the pressing need of their social responsibility and accountability that may be achieved only through reaching out and extending interaction with local community, addressing local problems, carrying out research to improve industrial productivity and environmental consciousness.

Central University of Rajasthan aims at emerging as the leading centre of comprehensive learning at the international level. There are a number of features that make Central University of Rajasthan unique in itself. In the first place our University does not follow the conventional pattern of affiliated colleges as it is being structured as a self-sufficient entity consisting of different schools of study that may later be developed into specialized centers of studies in different disciplines. Most of the courses offered at our University are interdisciplinary and they have been streamlined to meet the emerging demands both in the public and the private sector.

Sustainable development and inclusiveness are our main mottos. The structure of our courses is primarily learner-centric and they offer great flexibility whereby the students have more choices to opt for disciplines of their liking and potential. We also understand that the learning levels of different students differ and in the conventional university patterns slow learners either fail or are left out. In our University no student will be left out or left behind, we offer bridge courses, remedial courses and also greater flexibility in terms of time whereby a student may take more time to complete his degree.

Central University of Rajasthan within the brief period of its inception has made significant progress. The University has tried to involve all the stakeholders- students, teachers and members of the society from different walks of life in the formation of its academic programmes and in framing of the curricula. The construction of the University’s permanent campus at Bandra Sindri is well under way and some of the essential buildings are expected to be ready by the forthcoming session 2011-2012. Our temporary campus at Govt. College Kishangarh offers state of the art infrastructure including smart classrooms, good library, access to a large number of research resources through internet, good accommodation and sports facilities to the students. I extend my best wishes to the students and faculty who are a part of our University and to those who seek to join us in our mission of sharing and creating knowledge and contributing to the growth of not only our society and nation but humanity at large.   


Prof. (Dr.) M.M. Salunkhe

Founder Vice Chancellor


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