Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Vision »

The Central University of Rajasthan aspires to be one of India’s most dynamic and vibrant universities, responsive to the changing global trends, providing unparalleled educational opportunities for the learner community especially for those coming from the lower socio- economic strata of society seeking quality education. It proposes to offer innovative undergraduate and graduate academic programmes as well as continuing personal and professional enrichment in selected areas that will lead to the formation of a scholarly community by advancing, sharing and applying knowledge and by facilitating the development of thoughtful, creative, sensitive and responsible citizens.

Mission »

The mission of the Central University of Rajasthan is to contribute to and work with a sense of Commitment towards the educational, cultural, economic, environmental, health and social advancement of the region and the nation at large by providing excellent undergraduate liberal education and quality programs leading to bachelors, masters, professional and doctorate degrees.

Objectives of the Institution »

1.  Building character values and simultaneously forging the careers of the students by developing analytical thinking, individual initiative and responsibility.

2.    Providing means for capacity building for leadership and service through academic programs, campus activities and creating opportunities for community involvement.

3.  Providing flexible, innovative academic and research programs and support structures that are responsive to a broad range of learners and regional needs.

4.  Encouraging considerate and accountable faculty-student participatory interaction on local, state, national and international affairs.

5.  Recognizing a special obligation to educate the students coming from minorities and lower socioeconomic strata of the society.

6.  Undertaking research and consultancy on the challenges the region is facing and contributing its expertise for the community.

Academic Values »

1.   Integration of Social Science with Science & Technology having high academic, technical & Ethical Standards keeping in view the changing global trends.

2.    Maintaining the standards in academics by inculcating Semester pattern, Academic Autonomy to the Constituent Departments, Credit System for ensuring horizontal mobility, continuous internal evaluation and cafeteria approach;

3.    Using innovative educational technologies to support adult learning principles and to provide flexible learning options. Adhering to the quality framework set by national bodies such as NAAC, NAB.

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