About Central Instrumentation Facility

In order to cater to the research needs and develop state-of-the-art research instrumentation infrastructure, a Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) is being established at the Central University of Rajasthan (CURAJ). Apart from serving the research instrumentation needs of CURAJ fraternity, the instrument analysis facilities will be extended to academicians and researchers from other institutes also as well as to private institutions and industries.

The Central University of Rajasthan aims to develop the facility as a world class centre of excellence that will facilitate cutting-edge research in frontier areas and also encourage development of inter-disciplinary research for significant applications.

The centre is also expected to open up numerous opportunities in terms of research collaborations with other institutes, conduct of seminars and workshops, training programs for the creation of skilled technicians, etc. Thus, besides being a high quality centre for research and analysis, we envisage a future wherein the facility will also act as a source of new employment opportunities and economic activity.

Presently, the centre has three major research instruments (listed below) under its wing, and a few more high-end facilities are expected to be added to the list in the near future. Please watch this page for further updates.

Instruments currently available under CIF for carrying out analysis:

User registration and booking for analysis can be done using the link  "Registration & Booking".

User Guidelines