Psychosocial Support for Mental health and Well-being

Let’s be active and focused.

Every problem comes with solution. India is passing through a critical time, and every moment the desire is to see the positive changes, so all can be back at the lovely campus, lab and classroom with, teachers, friends and peers. But the reality is different, still no one at pause, neither tired. All must see the enlightening changes and do best to win over the challenges.

At this moment, keep the academics at priority, and the course teachers are available, by online platform. In such situation experiencing a bit of stress and feeling uneasy is not uncommon. Accept, it as a “normal reaction to an abnormal situation”. Thus, appreciating the situation and keeping active, fit and healthy is a matter of self-commitment and life-style choice. With studies, assignments, watching online course material, it is essential to keep sometime for a bit of meditation, yoga, relaxation exercise, recreation, practicing hobbies, but obviously within home. The time is for rediscovering self and cultivating positive energy.

Some links to gain practical knowledge and support:

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  • Various health experts on how to manage mental health and well-being during the #COVID19 outbreak.

  • Minding our minds during the COVID-19

Webinar on Pandemic and Emotional Health - YouTube

Faculty Counselor:

The team of faculty members as counselors is ready to extend their support. Students and staffs may feel free to talk to anyone of them to expresses concern and seek required support. While seeking any counseling support from the faculty/ counselor, identity will be kept absolutely confidential respecting privacy. It will never be released without your permission.

The students are free to contact the committee with their concerns and issues where you prefer to seek support.  (send mail to: )

Name of the Faculty Counselors Contact No Language they can speak
Dr. Atiq Ahmed 9829855217 English, Hindi, Tamil
Dr. Kashinath G Metri 9035257626 English, Hindi, Kannada
Dr. Sunil G Purohit  9569457578 English, Hindi
Dr. Guneet inder Jit Kaur 9815292212 English, Hindi, Punjabi

Contact Details

Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee.