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Recent Publications by CURAJ

  • Kumar A, Somani G. Service separation assisted DDoS attack mitigation in cloud targets. J Inf Secur Appl. 2023 Mar;73.
  • Tiwari M, Panwar S, Tiwari V. Assessment of potassium ion channel during electric signalling in biofilm formation of Acinetobacter baumannii for finding antibiofilm molecule. HELIYON. 2023 Jan;9(1).
  • Barale MS, Shirke DT. A control chart based on data depth for monitoring the variability in a multivariate process. Commun Stat Comput.
  • Gahlot P, Kishor R. Artificial equilibrium points and their linear stability analysis in the solar sail problem with triaxial second primary. Adv Sp Res. 2023 Apr;71(8):3262–80.
  • Patel SK, Jhalani P. Formulation of variables of environmental taxation: a bibliometric analysis of Scopus database (2001-2022). Environ Dev Sustain.
  • Jain P, Sarawgi A, Jain P. Environmental cost of food wastage: Integrated response through a mix of environmental policy instruments. Sustain Dev.
  • Dhanwant K, Saini A, Chivers T, Thirumoorthi R. Temperature-Assisted Generation of Arylmethyl Radicals from Bis(arylmethyl)tin Dichlorides: Efficient Reagents for C-sp3 C-sp2 Bond-Forming Reactions. Chem Eur J.
  • Kumar S, Singh S, Mathur N, Roy P, Joshi H. Titania Nanorod-Supported Mercaptoundecanoic Acid-Grafted Palladium Nanoparticles as a Highly Reusable Heterogeneous Catalyst for Substrate-Dependent Ullmann Coupling and Debromination of Aryl Bromides. Inorg Chem.
  • Shukla SS, Panda SK. Nitrogen Use Efficiency Regulates Drought Stress in Pearl Millet Genotypes: Morpho-Physiological Evaluation. AGRICULTURE-BASEL. 2023 Mar;13(3).
  • Solanki V, Tiwari M, Tiwari V. Investigation of Peptidoglycan-Associated Lipoprotein of Acinetobacter baumannii and Its Interaction with Fibronectin To Find Its Therapeutic Potential. Infect Immun.
  • Patnaik S, Mishra US, Mishra BB. Perceived Organizational Support and Performance: Moderated Mediation Model of Psychological Capital and Organizational Justice - Evidence from India. Manag Organ Rev.
  • Verma RK, Sharma LK, Lele N. AVIRIS-NG hyperspectral data for biomass modeling: from ground plot selection to forest species recognition. J Appl Remote Sens. 2023 Jan;17(1).
  • Lal R, Kakkar V. Gyro-groups, gyro-splittings and co-homology. J Algebr ITS Appl.
  • Kumar S, Mohbey KK. A Utility-Based Distributed Pattern Mining Algorithm With Reduced Shuffle Overhead. IEEE Trans PARALLEL Distrib Syst. 2023 Jan;34(1):416–28.
  • Yadav M, Jat RS, Kumari S, Babu PV, Roy P, Bhanuchandra M. Transition-metal-free synthesis of 2-arylphenol via SNAr reaction of dibenzothiophene dioxide with KOH. TETRAHEDRON Lett. 2023 Apr;119.
  • Paul RK, Ahmad I, Patel H, Kumar V, Raza K. Phytochemicals from Amberboa ramosa as potential DPP-IV inhibitors for the management of Type-II diabetes mellitus: Inferences from in-silico investigations. J Mol Struct. 2023 Jan;1271.
  • Singh S, Malik HK. Effects of initial ion velocity, magnetic field and plasma density profiles in simulating the plasma plume in a Hall thruster. J Astrophys Astron. 2023 Jan;44(1).
  • Kumar S, Singh S, Mahala S, Janjani P, Rajagopala Reddy S, Rom T, et al. A palladium complex of a macrocyclic selenium ligand: catalyst for the dehydroxymethylation of dihydroxy compounds. Dalt Trans. 2023 Apr;52(16):5110–8.
  • Kanwar K, Chen B-R, Kuo Y-K, Panwar N. A study on the structural, optical, magnetization reversal and bipolar magnetic switching behavior of SmCr0.85Mn0.15O3 nanoparticles. Ceram Int. 2023 Jan;49(2):2506–14.
  • Srivastava V, Naik B, Godara P, Das D, Mattaparthi VSK, Prusty D. Identification of FDA-approved drugs with triple targeting mode of action for the treatment of monkeypox: a high throughput virtual screening study. Mol Divers.
  • Kumari R, Jha AK, Goyal S, Maan R, Reddy SR, Easwar S. Acyl Transfer-Driven Rauhut-Currier Dimerization of Morita-Baylis-Hillman Ketones. J Org Chem. 2023 Feb;88(4):2023–33.
  • Goyal A, Mishra US. Impact of Entrepreneurial Orientation on MSME Performance: Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Competency. Entrep Res J.
  • Bhukya R, Paul J. Social influence research in consumer behavior: What we learned and what we need to learn?-A hybrid systematic literature review. J Bus Res. 2023 Jul;162.
  • Agrawal K, Ruhil T, Gupta VK, Verma P. Microbial assisted multifaceted amelioration processes of heavy-metal remediation: a clean perspective toward sustainable and greener future. Crit Rev Biotechnol.
  • Agrawal T, Choudhary P. ReSE-Net: Enhanced UNet architecture for lung segmentation in chest radiography images. Comput Intell.
  • Kumar R, Kumari A, Kumar R, Sulaiman MA, Zafar MM, Singh A, et al. Assessing the geochemical processes controlling groundwater quality and their possible effect on human health in Patna, Bihar. Environ Sci Pollut Res.
  • Kuldeep S, Soni S, Srivastava A, Mishra A, Sharma LK, Mandal CC. Dysregulated cholesterol regulatory genes as a diagnostic biomarker for cancer. J Gene Med. 2023 Apr;25(4).
  • Kumar S, Sharma LK. Assessment of water and carbon use efficiency in the SAARC region for ecological resilience under changing climate. J Environ Manage. 2023 Jan;326(B).
  • Raj A, Sharma LK. Spatial E-PSR modelling for ecological sensitivity assessment for arid rangeland resilience and management. Ecol Modell. 2023 Apr;478.
  • Nahar T, Rawat S. A Review of Design Consideration, Challenges and Technologies Used in 5G Antennas. Wirel Pers Commun. 2023 Apr;129(3):1585–621.