Be a registered Library User

Do not carry bags, inside the Library

Always carry your student ID/ library card

Don't disturb others with chatting and telephone conversations in the Library

Leave your personal belongs at property counter

Don't bring food/drink to the library

Keep your valuables with you at all times

Don't bring any valuables in the library & library staff will not responsible for the loss of same

Keep your cell phone in silent mode

Don't ignore the fire alarm

Silence shall be maintained as far as possible

Do not write upon, damage or mark any property belonging to the Library

Bring only water in covered container

Don't lost hoping: you will find what you need, you can contact library staff

Show your library user/ student card on entry or borrowing books

Do not sleep inside the Library

Use personal memory sticks or thumb drives to save your books

Don't download/install any software in library computer lab

Gather items and exit library building when closing bell sounds

Do not use the computer lab for unethical purpose's

Calmly evacuate the building, if the fire alarm sounds

Do not remove any library electronic peripheral devices

Contact help desk if you have any queries

Do not carry/move any item out (chairs, tables, books, etc.) without permission from Library

Use suggestion box (for your ideas)

Don’t replace the books on the shelves, keep the books on table after reading

Respect Library Rules and Regulations

Don't expect any instant service may it be "No due" or others.