Important  Rules

  • Library Membership forms are available in the download section on the CURaj Library website. Users must submit the fill-in form at the Library Circulation desk to get a membership. For teaching & non-teaching staff, a copy of the appointment letter must be submitted when opening the library account.
  • Users must bring the RFID smart card issued by the University while visiting and using the Library.
  • Reservation of borrowed books by others may be made by using the Web OPAC.
  • Readers shall not write upon, damage, or make any mark upon any book, journal, magazine, or other material belonging to the Library. Any reader observing a defect or damage to any book or manuscript shall immediately inform the Library help desk.
  • Books taken for reference from the stack area need to be kept on the table and not merged on the shelves.
  • Reference books, RTB books, rare books, theses, periodicals (loose numbers and bound volumes) and such other reading materials are for consultation only and not be issued except with the special permission of the Librarian.
  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing; otherwise, they will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed later or at the time of returning.
  • Personal Books/ Checked-out Books are not allowed for consultation/reference in the Library.
  • Borrowers will be held responsible for materials out on loan. If the material is lost, an immediate report should be made to the  Library staff to take appropriate action.
  • The member is expected to return borrowed books on or before the due date; otherwise, an overdue charge of Rs. 1.00 per day per volume will be levied for the late return of ordinary books.
  • The Library shall fix penalties for lost, damaged, mutilated or defaced books caused by marking. In such cases, defaulters may be suspended from the use of the Library.
  • Loss of library books must be reported in writing to the Librarian immediately. Borrowers will be asked to pay for or replace the book lost or returned in damaged or mutilated condition.
  • Suppose the required books are unavailable in the Library. In that case, the user will be required to submit lists of unavailable books duly approved by the Head of the Department concerned for purchase by the Library.
  • As the University Library is a place of individual study and research, it is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of quiet and dignity inside the Library.
  • No food and beverages are allowed at the Library
  • Before the exams or terminating or leaving the University, the library books must be returned along with dues, if any, to obtain the no-dues certificate from the Library.

General  Rules



Be a registered Library User

Do not carry bags inside the Library

Always carry your student ID/ library card

Don't disturb others with chatting and telephone conversations in the Library

Leave your personal belongs at the property counter

Don't bring food/drink to the Library

Keep your valuables with you at all times

Don't bring any valuables to the Library. The Library staff will not be responsible for the loss of the same

Keep your cell phone in silent mode

Don't ignore the fire alarm

Silence shall be maintained as far as possible

Do not write upon, damage or mark any property belonging to the Library

Bring only water in a covered container

Don't lose hope: you will find what you need. You can contact the library staff

Show your library user/ student card on entry or borrowing books

Do not sleep inside the Library

Gather items and exit the library building when the closing bell sounds

Don't download/install any software in the library computer lab

Calmly evacuate the building, if the fire alarm sounds

Do not use the computer lab for unethical purposes

Contact the help desk if you have any queries

Do not remove any library electronic peripheral devices

Use the suggestion box (for your ideas)

Do not carry/move any item out (chairs, tables, books, etc.) without permission from Library

Respect Library Rules and Regulations

Don't replace the books on the shelves. Keep the books on the table after reading