List of Theses Submitted at CURAJ Library

Sl. No. Submission Year Department Title  Research Scholar Supervisor/Guide
1 2016 Atmospheric Science Hydro ecological studies of sambhar lake, a ramsar wetland of rajssthan, India Amir Hussain Bhat Dr. Devesh Sharma, Dr. K.C. Sharma
2 2016 Mathematics Inference for change points and related problems under censoring Savitri Joshi Dr. A. P.  Singh
3 2016 Economics Causality between public expenditure and economic growth in Rajasthan Kirandeep Kaur Dr. Hemlata  Manglani
4 2016 Chemistry Efficient domino strategies for the synthesis of pyran and indole derivatives Pyare Lal Saini Dr. Srinivasarao Yaragorla
5 2016 PPLG Validity of narco analysis test with special reference to Indian constitution Ajay Kumar Barnwal Dr. S. N. Ambedkar
6 2016 Computer Science Parrondo’s paradox in superior fractals and chaos Anju Yadav Dr. Mamta Rani
7 2017 Mathematics A mathematical study of machine repair problems Purushottam Jharotia Dr. D. C. Sharma
8 2017 Chemistry Multi component routes to spiro-annulated systems Preeti Maloo Dr. M. M. Salunkhe, Dr. R T Pardasani (Co-guide)
9 2017 Mathematics Mathematical and computational modelling of regulation of nitrogen metabolic pathways Sanjay Lamba Dr. Amit Chakraborty
10 2017 Mathematics A study of flow formation of newtonian and non-newtonian fluids in magnetohydrodynamics Vanita Dr. Anand Kumar
11 2017 Mathematics A Study on transcendental entire and meromorphic functions under iteration Garima Tomar Dr. A. P. Singh
12 2017 Hindi हिंदी उपन्यासों में आदिवासी और गैर आदिवासी लेखन-दृष्टी का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन सुमित मीना Dr. Suresh Singh  Rathore
13 2017 Pharmacy Preparation optimisation and evaluation of nanocolloidal carriers loaded with dimethyl fumaratealong with neuroprotectiv Pramod Kumar Dr. Ruchi Malik, Dr. Raza Kaisar (Co-guide)
14 2017 Mathematics Geometric properties and characterizations of univalent functions and planarharmonic mappings Sudhananda Maharana Dr. Jugal Kishore  Prajapat
15 2017 Management Retail experience and customer satisfaction: an empirical study of organised and unorganised retail sector Anuradha Agarwal Dr. Maithili R. P. Singh
16 2017 Chemistry Ion tagged proline and arginine based compounds as organocatalysts in carbon-carbon bond forming reactions Heena Inani Dr. Easwar Srinivasan
17 2017 English Fiction, film and the child viewer: the wonder of the unknown Ahmed Musfar PM Dr. Supriya Agarwal
18 2017 Chemistry New synthetic methodologies to medicinally relevant heterocyclic scaffolds Shivani Sharma Dr. R. T. Pardasani, Dr. D. M. Sawant (Co-guide)
19 2017 Hindi मृदुला सिन्हा के कथा साहित्य में मूल्य बोध अखिलेश कुमार शर्मा Dr. Natarajan Laxmi Ayer
20 2017 Hindi 21 वीं सदी के प्रथम दशक का हिंदी उपन्यास लेखन और भुमंडलीकरण अजीत कुमार पटेल Dr. Sandeep Vishwanathrao Ranbhirker
21 2017 English Arambam Somorendra's dramas: a window to the realm of reality Thokchom Nirmala Devi Dr. Neha Arora
22 2017 English Expressions of Camus' Existentialism in Shashi Deshpande's novels S. Prithvika Dr. Bhumika Sharma
23 2017 Management Capital market reforms and performance of Indian stock market: a financial econometric analysis Richa Mathur Dr. Sanjay Kumar
24 2018 Pharmacy Development of computational models for vrious agonists/antagonists/inhibitors as anti-epileptic agents Pakhuri Mehta Dr. Ruchi Malik
25 2018 PPLG Custodial torture and violation of fundamental rights in India: a legal perspective with special reference to Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh Vinod Kumar Saroj Dr. Sengodan Kandasamy
26 2018 PPLG Climate change and federalism: the study of institutional and policy framework in India Nisikant Nayak Dr. Gyanaranjan  Panda
27 2018 Biochemisatry Assessment of cellular cholesterol and the effect of cold exposure on breast cancer growth and metastasis Ankit Shrma Dr. Chandi C Mandal
28 2018 PPLG Social exclusion among Muslims: a study of educational access in Ghettos of Ajmer Zainab Farhat Dr. Nagendra Ambedkar Sole
29 2018 Chemistry Design, synthesis and applications of bio-inspired copper and zinc complexes Monika Sheoran Dr. Sunil G Naik
30 2018 Management Determinants and outcomes of financial capability and financial inclusion for women empowerment: an empirical study in Rajasthan Neha Somani Dr. Avantika  Singh
31 2018 Physics Study of dynamical states in environmentally coupled oscillators Umesh Kumar Verma Dr. Manish Dev Shrimali
32 2018 Physics Investigations on the magnetization reversal and magnetocaloric effect of doped rare-earth orthochromites Surendra Kumar Dr. Neeraj Panwar
33 2018 English English language acquisition in select areas of Rajassthan: illusion or reality  Mahesh Kumar Satoliya Dr. Sanjay Arora
34 2018 Commerce Relevance of forensic accounting in curbing frauds: an empirical analysis of Indian banking sector Urvi Singh Dr. Ruchita Verma
35 2018 Chemistry Design and study of electro- and photo-active materials for energy storage, conversion, and sensing applications Disha Soni Dr. Raghu Chitta 
36 2018 Chemistry Development of novel synthetic strategies for n-heterocycles and their biological activities Garima Singh Dr. Srinivasarao  Yaragorla 
37 2018 Hindi सीकर जिले की बोली का समाजभाषावैज्ञानिक अध्ययन सुमित्रा कुमारी बुरनिया Dr. Ram Lakhan Meena
38 2018 PPLG Impact of genetically modified food and patent laws on rarmers rights in India: a critical legal study Anju Pandey Dr. Kandasamy Sengodan
39 2018 Commerce Analysis of spillover and contagion effect: an empirical study of international stock markets Laxmidhar Panda Dr. Neha Seth
40 2018 Microbiology Understanding the ecology of human enteric pathogens in fresh vegetables and fruits Preeti Verma Dr. Arvind Pratap Singh 
41 2018 Management Development pattern and estimating efficient profitability ratios of cement firms in india: a financial econometric analysis Divya Deep Singh Dr. Sanjay Kumar
42 2018 Chemistry Design of noval organocatalysts for enantioselective carbon-carbon bond forming reaction and applications Meeta Bhati Dr. Easwar Srinivasan
43 2018 Management Consumer perception and satisfaction towards Indian telecom sector: an empirical study Yogesh Verma Dr. Maithili R P Singh
44 2018 Management Anomalies in Pricing of capital cssets in Indian stock market: an empirical analysis Mobin Anwar Dr. Sanjay Kumar
45 2018 Hindi राजस्थान का लोकजीवन: एक विवेचनात्मक अध्ययन नोरत सिंह मीणा Dr. जितेन्द्र कुमार  सिंह
46 2018 Chemistry Synthesis and Study of BIS- and Tera-Pyrrolic Panchromtic Dyes for Solar Energy Harvesting Deepak Badgurjar Dr. Raghu Chitta
47 2018 Chemistry Alkyne Tethered Regioselective Inter & Intra Molecular Cyclization Reactions Towards the Biological Interesting Heterocyclic Molecules Abhishek Pareek Dr. Srinivasarao Yaragorla
48 2018 Chemistry Design and Study of Multichromophoric Porphyrin Systems for Solar Energy Kanika Jain Dr. Raghu Chitta
49 2018 CMS Media Representation of Nomadic Tribes: A Socio-Cultural Study in Rajasthan Geeta Shahu Dr. Nicholas Lakra
50 2018 Economics Impact of Gender Inequality on Economic Growth: A Study of Indian States Jyoti Lilar Dr. Pragati Jain
51 2018 English Cultural Cartography in the Fiction of Munshi Premchand and Thkazhi Sivasankara Pillai Aparna Ajith Dr. Bhumika Sharma
52 2018 CMS An Analysis of Reflect-Effect Studies of Media on Society A Case Study of Bhopal Gas Tragedy Armendra Amar Dr. Neeru Prasad 
53 2018 Management Determinants Influencing Indian Reverse Mortgage Market: An Empirical Analysis Sarita Gupta Dr. Sanjay Kumar
54 2018 Management Organizational culture and employee performance: role of moderators in public and private banks in Rajasthan Anusuya Mehra Dr. TulseeGiri Goswami
55 2018 Management Determinants and outcomes of ethical leadership for managing human resources in higher education in Rajasthan Nisha Rathore Dr. Avantika Singh
56 2018 English Ontological and epistemological discourses in select works of kurt vonnegut and thomas pynchon Aman Deep Singh Dr. Sanjay Arora
57 2018 Management Impact of work stress on Job satisfaction and psychological wellbeing: A study of police officers in Rajasthan Richa Burman Dr. TulseeGiri Goswami
58 2018 Computer Science Noise in fractal models Ketan Jha Dr. Mamta Rani
59 2018 Commerce Long-term relationship and volatility spillover: an empirical study of Indian commodity market Arpit Sidhu Dr. Neha Seth
60 2018 Computer Science Biogeography Inspired Group Mobility Model for Wireless Adhoc Networks Jyotsna Verma Dr. Nishtha Kesswani
61 2018 Management Service Quality and Consumer Satisfaction: An Empirical Study of Banks in Rural Haryana Kumari Reena Dr. MaithiliR.P. Singh
62 2019 Microbiology Diversity and bioprospects of culturable heterophic bacteria inhabiting in extreme environments of Rajasthan, India Deepesh Kumar Neelam Dr. Pawan Kumar Dadheech
63 2019 Physics Studies on the dielectric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric and optical properties of barium titanate based lead-fRee ceramics Ramovatar Dr. Neeraj Panwar
64 2019 Chemistry Exploration of Transition-Metal Catalysed Synthetic Routes for the Generation of Biologically Significant Heterocyclic Molecules Ramdas Shivaji Pathare Dr. Devesh. M. Sawant
65 2019 Biotechnology In-silico molecular docking analysis and simulation studies on apicoplast proteins of malaria parasite Dristha Sharma Dr. Tarun Kumar Bhatt
66 2019 Hindi काशीनाथ सिंह के उपन्यासों में समसामयिक यथार्थबोथ सर्वेश कुमार मिश्र Dr. सिंह जितेन्द्र कुमार  
67 2019 Statistics Robust modified estimators of population parameter(s) using auxiliary information under non-normality Priyanka Chhaparwal Dr. Sanjay Kumar
68 2019 Miocrobiology Microbial mediated metal leaching from petroleum refinery spent catalyst and copper slag Neha Nagar Dr. ChandraSekhar Gahan
69 2019 Environmental Science Impact of climate change on water and food security in banas river basin of rajasthan Swatantra Kumar Dubey Dr. Devesh Sharma
70 2019 Environmental Science Understanding the linkage of urbanization, land surface temperature and human health: a case of jaipur city of Rajasthan Suresh Chandra Dr. Devesh Sharma
71 2019 Statistics Analysis of structural break(s) in time series model: a bayesian perspective Varun Agiwal Dr. JITENDRA KUMAR
72 2019 Biotechnology Structural and functional determinants of amyloids derived from antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) Shalini Gour Dr. JayKant Yadav
73 2019 Miocrobiology Bio-catalyzed leaching of waste mobile phone printed circuit board and zink sulphide concentrate Himanshi Dr. ChandraSekhar Gahan
74 2019 Biotechnology Aggregation behaviour of semenderived amyloidogenic peptides and assessment of their effect on human sperm Vijay Kumar Dr. JayKant Yadav
75 2019 Microbiology Production, characterization and application of xylanases from aspergillus oryzae in generating ethanol Nisha Bhardwaj Dr. Pradeep Verma
76 2019 Physics Oscillation suppression and controlling multistability in dynamical systems Kiran Yadav Dr. ManishDev Shrimali
77 2019 Biochemistry Febrifugine dihydrochloride as a new chemotherapeutic agent against visceral leishmaniasis infection Rajan Kumar Pandey Dr. VijayKumar Prajapati
78 2019 English Virgins and vamps: a study of female gaze through the select works of devdutt pattanaik and kavita kane Bidisha Kantha Dr. Bhumika Sharma
79 2019 Statistics A study of large size time series analysis in reference to big data and outlier Saurabh Kumar Dr. Jitendra Kumar
80 2019 Environmental Science Assesment of soil carbon stock and its relation to land use patterens and climate variablity in semiarid regions of Rajasthan Garima Sharma Dr. K. C. Sharma, Dr. L. K. Sharma(Co-guide)
81 2019 Hindi नयी कहानी और कथालोचना के प्रतिमान Ashish Kumar Misra Dr. JitendraKumar Singh
82 2019 Biochemistry Investigation of the effect of omega-3 fatty acids in osteoblast-like differentiation of breast cancer cells and in microcalcification Tanu Sharma Dr. ChandiC. Mandal
83 2019 Pharmacy Dendrimer Mediated Approaches for the Effective Drug Delivery to Brain Avinash Gothwal Dr. Umesh Gupta
84 2019 Hindi राजस्थान का लोक जीवन : मेवात के विशेष सन्दर्भ में  Seema Gautam Dr. N. Lakshmi  Aiyar
85 2019 Management Psychological Contract Breach and Workplace Outcome: Role of Perceived Organizational Support Saroj Kumar Ranjan Dr. TulseeGiri Goswami
86 2019 Physics Novel Heusler Based Alloys: Synthesis, Phase Stability and Magnetic Properties Shubhra Dash Dr. Ajit K Patra
87 2019 Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization, Magnetic and Biological studies of Fe(II), Fe(III) and Co(II) complexes with N2 (Bidentate), N3 (Tridentate) and N2O2 (Tetradentate) ligands Venkata Nikhil Raj  M. Dr. AnujK. Sharma
88 2019 Management Stakeholder Perspective of Ethical Leadership: A Study of Higher Education Institutions in Rajasthan Pooja  Paharia Dr. Avantika Singh
89 2019 PPLG Livelihood security as a protection of human rights : Special reference to Bihar rural livelihod project -A critical evaluation Sweta Kumari Dr. S. Kandasamy
90 2019 Management Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Behaviour of Life Insurance Products: A Study of Jammu & Kashmir Rajneesh Karloopia Dr. MaithiliR.P. Singh
91 2019 Social work Positive Youth Development: An Exploration and Intervention in Rural Rajasthan Suman Rana Dr. JagdishUlhas Jadhav
92 2019 CMS The Digital Turn in Hindi Film Industry: An Analysis of Visual Effects Mahesh Kumar Meena Dr. Nicholas Lakra
93 2019 Statistics Estimation of population mode using auxiliary information Nirmal Tiwari Dr. Sanjay Kumar
94 2019 Mathematics A Study of Instability in Magnetohydrodynamics Om Prakash Keshri Dr. Anand Kumar
95 2019 Pharmacy Development of Isocyanide Based MCR For The Syntheses of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles as Potential Anticancer Agents Arshad Jamal  Ansari Dr. DeveshM. Sawant
96 2019 Statistics Time Series Model with Covariate: A Bayesian Approach Ashok  Kumar Dr. Jitendra Kumar
97 2019 Biotechnology Secretory proteins of malaria parasite: Potential drug and vaccine targets Rani Soni Dr. TarunKumar Bhatt
98 2019 Economics Food Processing Industry under Globalised Trade Regime in India: A Study of Bihar Ranjeet Kumar Dr. Motilal Mahamallik
99 2019 Pharmacy Functionalized Carbon Nanocarriers for Drug(s) Delivery to Brain and Cancer Cells Thotakura Nagarani Dr. Vipin Kumar
100 2019 Biotechnology Nanoparticle Assisted Antibacterial Applications and Delivery of Nucleic Acids for Gene Therapy Geeta Arya Dr. Surendra Nimesh
101 2019 Social work Effectiveness of Psycho-Social Intervention on Alcohol and Tobacco Expectancy among Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Trial Shahnawaz Ahmad  Dr. Atiq Ahmed
102 2019 Computer Science Efficient resource utilization and load balancing on computational grid Sophiya Sheikh Dr. A. Nagaraju
103 2020 Biochemistry Assessment of antibacterial activity of bioactive molecules from medicinal plants and silver nanoparticle against acinetobacter baumannii Monalisa Tiwari  Dr. KiranKumar Tejavath
104 2020 English The Politics of Ethnography and Travel Poetics in Select Modern Indian Travelogues Kaushik Nagadev Bhuyan Dr. Supriya Agarwal
105 2020 Mathematics Quantitative study of Glutamate dehydrogenase systems for nitrogen metabolism Soumen Bera Dr. Amit Chakraborty
106 2020 Chemistry Designing New Electron-rich Metal Complexes as Catalysts for C-C and C-Heteroatom Bond Forming Reactions Seema Yadav Dr. Chandrakanta Dash
107 2020 Biochenistry Studies of disinfectants role on Acinetobacter baumannii Deepika Biswas Dr. Vishvanath Tiwari
108 2020 Mathematics Investigation of Certain Analytic and Harmonic Univalent Mappings and Applications to Fractional Calculus Operators Rajbala Dr. JugalK. Prajapat
109 2020 Hindi dsnkjukFk flag dk dkO; % ,d vuq”khyu  Ashok kumar Dr. Sandeep Ranbhirker
110 2020 PPLG Decentralisation at the Grassroots: A study of Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas of Jharkhand Sachchidanand Prasad Dr. NagendraAmbedkar Sole
111 2020 Microbiology Evaluation of Souring Control Strategies in Sandpacked Bioreactors Simulating Oil Fields of Rajasthan, India Ganshyam Prajapat Dr. Akhil Agrawal
112 2020 Chemistry Bio-affinity and Molecular Interactions of Novel Engineered Copper Complexes Surbhi Jain Dr. AnujK. Sharma
113 2020 Pharmacy Design and Synthesis of Nanopolymeric Delivery of Bio-active(s) for the Effective Management of Breast Cancer Iliyas Khan Dr. Umesh Gupta
114 2020 Chemistry Cost Effective Metal and Metal-Free Dyes for Solar Energy Harvesting Gangada Suneel Dr. Raghu Chitta
115 2020 Statistics Some problems on process capability studies: statistical inference and applications Sumit Kumar Dr. Mahendra Saha
116 2020 Computer Science An Intelligent Network Coding for Wireless Networks Amit Singh Dr. A. Nagaraju
117 2020 Chemistry Calcium(II)-Catalysed Synthetic Approaches towards Privileged Heterocycles & Total Synthesis of Phomonol Ravikrishna Dada Dr. Srinivasarao Yaragorla
118 2020 Mathematics Mathematical and Computational Modelling of Biochemical Switches in Plant Nutrient Uptake Mubasher Rashid Rather Dr. Amit Chakraborty
119 2020 English Socio-Cultural Study of Children with Disabilities and Therapeutic Measures in Select Contemporary Indian Fiction Suman Rathore Dr. Supriya Agarwal
120 2020 Environmental Sc Assessment and Microbial Degradation of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Industrial Waste Kritika Sharma Dr. Garima Kaushik
121 2020 Environmental Sc Bioremediation of Cr (VI) from Tannery Effluent using Halotolerant Microalgae (Dunaliella salina) Vidyalaxmi Dr. Garima Kaushik
122 2020 Computer Science and Engineering Simple and Secure Authentication mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks Usha Jain Dr. Muzzammil Hussain
123 2020 Hindi 21 बीं सदी के हिंदी महिला उपन्यास लेखन में चित्रित संवेदना  (समय सीमा – 2010 से 2015 तक) गिरजेश कुमार  Dr. ममता खांडल
124 2020 Hindi सुरेश गौतम की समीक्षा सृष्टि एवं दृष्टि (बाल साहित्य के विशेष संदर्भ में) कविता मीना  Dr. ममता खांडल
125 2020 English Reconstructing Ecofeminine Identity: A Comparative Study of Select Works of Mahasweta Devi and Indira Goswami Anita Goswami Dr. Supriya Agarwal
126 2020 Economics Structural Changes in Milk Production Sector Under Economic Liberalisation in India: Analysis of Milk Production Sector in Rajasthan Shaifali Kumawat Dr. S. Mohanakumar
127 2020 PPLG Right to Safe Drinking Water as a human right: a Critical Legal Analysis with Special Reference to State of Rajasthan Anuja Mishra Dr. S. Kandasamy
128 2021 Microbiology Production, Characterization and Applications of Laccases from Fungal Strains of Rajasthan, India Komal Agrawal Dr. Pradeep Verma
129 2021 Computer Science Design of a Privacy-Preserving Model for Internet of Things Shelendra Kumar Jain Dr. Nishtha Kesswani
130 2021 Statistics Some problems on sampling inspection plan: : statistical inference and applications Tripathi, Harsh Dr. Mahendra Saha
131 2021 Physics Dynamics of nonlinear systems with competitive and dynamic interaction Dixit, Shiva Dr.  Manish Dev Shrimali
132 2021 Biotechnology Development and analysis of glycoprotein-immunoglobulin chimeric subunit vaccine candidates against Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and 1 Singh, Vikas Kumar Dr. Suman Tapryal 
133 2021 Physics Application of low dimension materials in surface plasmon/lossy mode resonance based fiber optic sensors Vikas Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Verma 
134 2021 Physics Fe-Co based perovskites: Structural, Electrical,
Magnetic and Spectroscopic Studies
Nancy Dr. Ajit K Patra
135 2021 Biotechnology Polymeric nanoparticles for the delivery of therapeutic molecules for the treatment of breast cancer Kumari, R. Mankamna Dr. Surendra Nimesh 
136 2021 Pharmacy Synthesis of Docetaxel Palmitate, and formulation, characterization and evaluation of nanocolloidal carriers for effective delivery to the breast cancer cells Kaushik, Lokesh Dr. Kaisar Raza 
137 2021 Microbiology Bioprospecting of cyanobacteria thriving in semi-arid regions of Rajasthan, India Tomer, Anuj Kumar Dr. Pawan K Dadheech 
138 2021 PPLG Socio-legal study of drug abuse among juvenile delinquents and the impact of counselling in children home and observation home in Delhi metropolitan area Tanwar, Neha Dr. S. Kandasamy 
139 2021 Pharmacy Preparation, characterization and evaluation of nanocarriers including engineered carbon nanotubes and fullerenes for thedelivery of anticancer agents Kumar, Manish Dr. Kaisar Raza 
140 2021 English Dynamics of small screen adaptation: A Study of Malgudi Days Jangir, Narendra Kumar Dr. Bhumika Sharma
141 2021 Biochemistry Characterization of efflux pumps in carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter baumannii and screening of inhibitor targeting AdeABC efflux pump Verma, Privita Dr. Vishvanath Tiwari 
142 2021 Chemistry Multifunctional chelators for metal-induced neurodegenerative disorders : coordination chemistry and biological studies Rana, Monika Dr. Anuj K. Sharma 
143 2021 Chemistry Studies on applications and synthetic transformations of Morita–Baylis–Hillman adducts Jha, Ajit Kumar Dr. Easwar Srinivasan 
144 2021 Statistics Estimation of population parameter( s) using auxiliary information through order statistics Kumar, Shivanshu Dr. Sanjay Kumar 
145 2021 Computer Sc. An intrusion detection system for Internet of Things Choudhary, Sarika Dr. Kesswani, Nishtha
146 2021 Chemistry Design and synthesis of bio-inspired ruthenium complexes Khan, Tanveer Alam Dr. Anuj K. Sharma 
147 2021 Microbiology Production, characterization and application of Thermostable Chitinases from Thermomyces Lanuginosus for production of bioactive Chitooligosaccharides Kumar, Manish Dr. Nidhi Pareek 
148 2021 Biotechnology Screening, characterization and validation of small molecule inhibitors of Bacillus subtilis biofilm formation Verma, Nidhi Dr. Janmejay Pandey 
149 2021 Physics Nanowire based novel polymer eletrolyte for electrochemical enregy storage Devi, Chandni Dr. Sandeep Kumar 
150 2021 Microbiology Occurrence and distribution of antibiotic resistance in aquaculture and poultry environment Saharan, Vijay Veer Dr. Arvind Pratap Singh
151 2021 Microbiology Evaluation of Uropathogenic E. Coli (UPEC) in food-animals to determine their potential zoonotic threat for public health and food safety Meena, Prem Raj Dr. Arvind Pratap Singh
152 2021 Environmental Sc. Engineered biochar for sorption of heavy metals from aqueous solution vis-à-vis ecotoxicological studies on soil application of sorbed biochars Kumar, Sandeep Dr. Garima Kaushik,  Dr. R. EbhinMasto (co-guide)  
153 2021 Physics A study of current transport in ion irradiated silicon based Schottky barrier structures Chourasiya, Hemant Kumar  Dr.  Sandeep Kumar
154 2021 PPLG Witch Hunting in Rajasthan : A Socio- Legal Study Yadav, Tanvi Dr. Nagendra Ambedkar Sole
155 2021 Biotechnology Validation of genes involved in temporal regulation of root development in tomato Yadav, Pawan Kumar Dr. Aditya Kumar Gupta
156 2021 Microbiology Development of microwave mediated pretreatment and enzymatic conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to ethanol Kumar, Bikash Dr. Pradeep Verma
157 2021 Microbiology Evaluation of a biopolymer for its potential in enhancing oil recovery Sandeep, R. Dr. Akhil Agrawal 
158 2021 Biotechnology Development of glycoprotein -immunoglobulin chimeric subunit vaccine against Chikungunya Virus Kumar, Sandeep Dr. Suman Tapryal 
159 2021 Mathematics A study of optimization policies of machine repair problems Deora, Praveen Dr. D. C. Sharma 
160 2021 Computer Sc and Engineering Multi-heuristic distributed scheduling on heterogeneous computer clusters Nath, Rintu Dr. A. Nagaraju 
161 2021 Environmental Sc. Assessment of climate scenarios and management practices on wheat production using DSSAT model in semi-arid region of Rajasthan Gunawat, Anshuman Dr. Devesh Sharma 
162 2021 Environmental Sc. Impact of climate and land use change on water resources - a case of Khari river basin, Rajasthan Mundetia, Nitika Dr. Devesh Sharma 
163 2021 Hindi 21 वी सदी के प्रथम दशक के हिंदी उपन्यासों में स्त्री-विमर्श (स्त्री एवं पुरुष लेखन दृष्टि का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन) Laxman Ram Jat Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh
164 2021 Hindi बनारस परिक्षेत्र के भोजपुरी लोकसाहित्य का सामाजिक, सांस्कृतिक अनुशीलन Prashant Kumar Baudh Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh
165 2021 English "The Struggle Undaunted: Constructing A New Spectrum in The “Making of Modern Burma"  Irona  Bhaduri  Dr. Neha Arora 
166 2021 Biotechnology Poly (lactic-co-glycolic) acid nanoparticles mediated delivery of therapeutic molecules for the treatment of cancer Sharma, Nikita  Dr. Surendra Nimesh