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Principle Function of Sports Committee of the Curaj:-

  • To organize and arrange for the conduct of club/league, intra-university tournaments and competitions in recognized games & sports.
  • To frame rules for the conduct of interuniversity sports meet.
  • To encourage sportsmanship generally and to promote friendly relations among constituent schools/clubs.
  • To raise the standard of sports and athletics prevailing in the university and to work for development of character values through sports amongst the university students.
  • To organize coaching camps on regional basis for university athletes.
  • To encourage other such functions as may be entrusted it by relevant  CURAJ bodies.


Members of Sports Committee

  • Prof. D.C. Sharma (Chairman, Sports) 
  • Prof  Praveen Sahu (Dean Student’s Welfare) 
  • Dr. Vishvanath Tiwari (Director, Physical Education & Secretary, Sports)
  • Dr. Suman Tapryal  (Badminton President)
  • Tarun Kumar Bhatt  (Cricket President)
  • Dr. Mahendra Saha ( Kabaddi; Cycling; Taekwondo President)
  • Dr. Alok Kumar (Lawn Tennis President)
  • Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav (Athletics President)
  • Dr. Vipul Kakkar (Table Tennis President)
  • Dr. Krishna Kumar Mohbey (Chess; Carom; Billiards President)
  • Dr. Brijesh Kumar Singh (Volley Ball  President)
  • Dr. Partha Roy  (Football; Hockey President)
  • Dr. Sivaji Chobe Vilas (Basketball; Hand Ball; Yoga; Gymnastics President)

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