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Games & Sports:

The sports facilities are located near the hostels. The outdoor games and sports facility includes a football ground (98.50m x 63.50m), an athletic track (400 m), a cricket ground, and cricket practice pitches. basketball court (nos. two), handball court, volleyball court (nos. two), lawn tennis ground (nos. four), long jump and triple jump pit, kabaddi ground, boxing arena, kho-kho ground, aerobics (activity room). The indoor games and sports facility includes two badminton courts, and dedicated activity rooms and areas are allocated in each girls' and boys' hostel for chess, table tennis, and carrom. Further, to strengthen the indoor games facility a proposal has been submitted. Sodium vapor lamps (flood lights) are installed at the tennis, volleyball, and badminton courts to facilitate game activities during the night.

The school of sports sciences along with the sports committee at the University level is responsible for augmenting adequate facilities for sports and games by purchasing sports equipment and maintaining them. The University masterplan committee/space allocation committee is responsible for allocating dedicated space for sports facilities. On average 500 students use sports facilities at the University on any given day.


Gym: - University has a gym facilities for both boys and girls. Open gym is available for the use of students and faculty members. The facility for powerlifting is available in the gyms. University purchasing gym equipment such as multi-press, olympic Incline and decline bench, pull-down vertical row, etc


Members of Sports & Games Committee

1. Prof. Rajesh Kumar (Chairman, Sports & Games)

2. Prof.  Praveen Sahu (Dean Student’s Welfare)

3. Dr. Sunil G. Purohit (Director, Physical Education & Secretary, Sports & Games)

4. Dr. Sanjay Kumar (Statistics)  

5. Mr. Ravi Raj Choudhary 

6. Dr. Suman Tapryal  

7. Dr. Sanjay Patel 

8. Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav

9. Dr. Neha Singh

10. Mr. Manoj Kumar Indoria

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