The Innovation Cell of the Central University of Rajasthan has been set up with the aim of identifying, encouraging and fostering scientific talent within the CURAJ family as well as surrounding areas. With regards to the latter, the Innovation Cell puts in concerted efforts to identify grass-root innovators from neighbouring villages in varied domains such as agriculture, engineering, etc.
    The cell has also established an Innovation Club with the principal aim of encouraging the students of CURAJ to pursue their innovative ideas. The Innovation Club is a student-centric venture; the students will be involved in undertaking various initiatives to nurture grass-root innovations and spread their importance to society. The club will also support new proposals on innovation from within the CURAJ community.
    CURAJ Innovation Cell also promotes interaction of the CURAJ family with the National Innovation Foundation of India (NIF) and with renowned innovators around the country. This is done by inviting experts / innovators of different disciplines to CURAJ to share their experience and expertise so as to motivate students and staff alike to come up with innovative ideas for major issues facing our society as well as for simpler challenges faced in everyday life.
    The cell also hopes to inspire members of the CURAJ fraternity by organizing a Nobel lecture series to present and discuss the life history and work of Nobel laureates in all the disciplines. Another significant aim of the cell is the celebration of National Science Day by organizing competitions on innovative scientific exhibits and posters that relate to the theme of the Science Day.

Aims & Objectives

• To build a strong innovation culture and create an atmosphere for innovation at CURAJ

• To identify innovators at grass-root level with special emphasis on farming, traditional medicines, small scale industries, etc.

• To encourage and generate innovations / innovative ideas at different levels  

• To facilitate interaction between the teaching / student communities and grass-root innovators

• Mentoring of grass-root innovators to facilitate the transfer of technology to the society

• Organizing exhibitions of innovations on a regular basis

• Creation of an “inspired” teachers network

• Identify and encourage inspired teachers to share their knowledge and experience


The present members of CURAJ Innovation Cell are:
1. Prof. Someshwar Das (Convener), Department of Atmospheric Science
2. Dr. Hemalata Mangalani, Department of Economics
3. Dr. Jaykant Yadav, Department of Biotechnology
4. Dr. Devesh Sharma, Department of Environmental Science
5. Dr. Easwar Srinivasan, Department of Chemistry
6. Dr. Tarun Kumar Bhatt, Department of Biotechnology
7. Dr. Subrat Kumar Panda, Department of Atmospheric Science

Innovation Club

An innovation club has been established under the aegis of CURAJ Innovation Cell with the objectives of encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and also technologically empowering villages with innovative solutions. The functions of the club would be:

To search, spread, sense and celebrate innovations in the field of Science and Technology, Agriculture, Education, Public Services, Cultural Creativity, Governance at different levels, etc.

Activities at Innovation Club:
⇒ Creating awareness about Innovation
⇒ Promotion of Innovations
⇒ Documentations
⇒ Open House
⇒ Innovation workshops
⇒ Identifying challenges
⇒ Shodhyatras

Calendar of Activities (2017- 2018)

Contact Us

Prof. Someshwar Das
(Convener), Department of Atmospheric Science
Email: innovationcell@curaj.ac.in