Advertisement No. 2711 dated 19.10.2022 for various teaching positions under Direct Recruitment (Total positions: 45)

# Post Department Reservation  Status
1.                     Professor  Atmospheric Science EWS-01 Apply Online
2.                     Professor  Biotechnology OBC-01 – Backlog Apply Online
3.                     Professor  Bio-Medical Engineering ST-01– Backlog Apply Online
4.                     Professor  Commerce  SC-01– Backlog Apply Online
5.                     Professor  English OBC-01 Apply Online
6.                     Professor  Economics SC-01– Backlog Apply Online
7.                     Professor  Linguistics UR-01 Apply Online
8.                     Professor  Mathematics UR-01 Apply Online
9.                     Professor  Social Work  SC-01– Backlog Apply Online
10.                 Professor  Society-Technology Interface SC-01– Backlog Apply Online
11.                 Professor  Sports Biomechanics SC-01– Backlog Apply Online
12.                 Professor  Sports Bioscience UR-01 Apply Online
13.                 Professor  Sports Psychology  OBC-01-Backlog  Apply Online
14.                 Professor  Yoga UR-01 Apply Online
15.                 Professor  Statistics UR-D-HH-01 Apply Online
16.                 Associate Professor  Atmospheric Science SC-01– Backlog Apply Online
17.                 Associate Professor  Architecture  ST-01– Backlog Apply Online
18.                 Associate Professor  Biomedical Engineering  UR-01 Apply Online
19.                 Associate Professor  Biomedical Engineering  OBC-01– Backlog Apply Online
20.                 Associate Professor  Culture & Media Studies UR-OH -01– Backlog;  Apply Online
21.                 Associate Professor  Culture & Media Studies OBC-01– Backlog Apply Online
22.                 Associate Professor  Economics EWS-01 Apply Online
23.                 Associate Professor  English ST-01– Backlog Apply Online
24.                 Associate Professor  Physics ST-01– Backlog Apply Online
25.                 Associate Professor  Society-Technology Interface OBC-01– Backlog Apply Online
26.                 Associate Professor  Sports Psychology  SC-01– Backlog - Apply Online
27.                 Associate Professor  Sports Bioscience OBC-01– Backlog Apply Online
28.                 Assistant Professor  Architecture  SC-OH-01- Backlog  Apply Online
29.                 Assistant Professor  Biotechnology  EWS-01(Lien Vacancy)## Apply Online
30.                 Assistant Professor  Data Science and Analytics OBC-01- Backlog Apply Online
31.                 Assistant Professor  Data Science and Analytics EWS-01  Apply Online
32.                 Assistant Professor  Economics OBC-VH(B.LV)-01- Backlog Apply Online
33.                 Assistant Professor  Economics EWS-01 (Lien Vacancy)## Apply Online
34.                 Assistant Professor  Economics OBC-01 (Lien Vacancy)## Apply Online
35.                 Assistant Professor  Environmental Science  ST-01 Apply Online
36.                 Assistant Professor  Linguistics   (Purely on contractual basis for Integrated Programmes)$ UR-01 Apply Online
37.                 Assistant Professor  Linguistics EWS-01 (Lien Vacancy)## Apply Online
38.                 Assistant Professor  Microbiology  OBC-01 (Lien Vacancy)## Apply Online
39.                 Assistant Professor  Microbiology  EWS-01 Apply Online
40.                 Assistant Professor  Physics OBC-01 (Lien Vacancy)## Apply Online
41.                 Assistant Professor  Physics EWS-01 (Lien Vacancy)## Apply Online
42.                 Assistant Professor  Sports Biomechanics OBC-01-Backlog Apply Online
43.                 Assistant Professor  Sports Biomechanics SC-01-Backlog Apply Online
44.                 Assistant Professor  Sports Psychology  EWS-01 Apply Online
45.                 Assistant Professor  Yoga ST-01-Backlog Apply Online